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Expert Navigation of Vehicle Importing

FUZ Global Logistics offers specialized services for importing vehicles into the United States via the Port of Brunswick, one of the premier RORO ports in the country. Our expertise in RORO shipments simplifies the complex process of international vehicle importing, ensuring a seamless transition from ship to shore.

Why Choose the Port of Brunswick for RORO Imports?

Situated as a central hub for automotive imports/exports, the Port of Brunswick facilitates efficient distribution to/from points throughout the United States.

Designed specifically for the transportation of wheeled and tracked vehicles, the RORO method minimizes handling to ensure your vehicles arrive in pristine condition.

Our International Vehicle Importing Services Include:

  • Customs and Compliance: Navigating the complexities of US customs and vehicle import/export regulations, ensuring full compliance and smooth clearance.
  • End-to-End Logistics: Coordinating the entire logistics chain, from pickup to delivery at the final destination, including inland transportation to/from the port.
  • Dedicated Support: Offering personalized service with a dedicated account manager to handle all aspects of your vehicle importing/exporting needs.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Providing visibility and peace of mind with real-time tracking of your shipment from origin to delivery.

Why Partner with FUZ for Your Vehicle Imports?

Our knowledge of RORO shipments and the specific requirements for vehicle imports/exports at the Port of Brunswick sets us apart.

Tailoring our services to meet your unique needs, whether you’re importing/exporting classic cars, heavy machinery, or fleet vehicles.

Ensuring timely and safe delivery of your vehicles with a focus on minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

Importing/exporting vehicles to/from the US can be complex, but with FUZ Global Logistics and the Port of Brunswick’s RORO services, it doesn’t have to be. Discover how our tailored approach to international vehicle transportation can transform your experience. Contact us

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