December Marks Rise in Transportation Capacity

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According to the Logistics Managers’ Index (LMI), transportation capacity saw a growth, registering at 63.3 in December, 1.5 percentage points higher than November. This increase, especially notable in the latter half of the month, was attributed to last-minute holiday-related shipments. Conversely, transportation prices continued to decline, falling to 43.1, down 1.1 points from November.

What Is Specialized Heavy Haul Equipment for Oversized Cargo?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of global logistics, specialized heavy haul equipment stands as a towering pillar, vital for transporting the colossal and oversized loads that fuel our industries. At FUZ, we navigate this challenging terrain with a fleet of specialized trailers and cutting-edge equipment, tailored for the unique demands of heavy haul trucking. This

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